Intentional Lab & Co. Is meant for beings like you. We exist with a mindful mission: To elevate, refocus and inspire by providing unique, innovative products. Through collective empowerment, trend-setting assortments, eco-friendly offerings and charitable initiatives, we stand to enlighten and uplift all of our customers globally. Intentional Lab & Co desires to turn you daily activities into meaningful experiences for you and your environments.
Born in 2020 through the midst of a world pandemic, Intentional Lab & Co. believes we have the power to turn every dream into a reality, with a mission greater  than any circumstances you can choose to build the best version of yourself even in the darkest times. With vanguard designs and modern living expertises all of our products have been deliberately made for you to set your Intentions on fire.
For every $100 you spend, we plant a tree. We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted, a 501c3 Charity based in Shelburne Vermont focused on global reforestation. With every purchase, you are helping plant a tree.
For every set of INTENTIONAL REUSABLE STRAWS you purchase, We save turtles. We’ve partnered with See Turtles Org. An organization that support Billion Baby Turtles program, you are helping protect important nesting beaches around the world, ensuring that the hatchlings make it to the water.
We care about them, Trust me we do. We wanted to bring quality from the look, to the feel, the scent & most importantly the components. 
Intentional Lab & Co. Utilizes only the highest quality ingredients and components on the planet. We make it our mission to provide top-tier selections across all product lines and supplies, ensuring all wood is ethically sourced from US-based Forest Stewardship Council Certified Mills, and eco-friendly and sustainable phthalate free products are offered. Nurturing the earth and gaining inspiration from nature is essential and interwoven into all facets of our brand. Eco-friendliness, ingredient transparency, and pure formulations are a must.
100% Phathalate free, Carcinogens Free, No mutants, Reproductive Toxins free, Organ Toxins Free, No Acute Toxins.
Cotton, Consistent burn & Zinc free.
Hand poured in small batches in Silver Spring, MD.
Intentional Lab & Co. product assortment consists of Luxury & Unique Vessels, Natural Wax Candles, Activewear, reusable water bottles, stainless steel straws, and Yoga mats. 
We are a new and small family business that love what we do and we are empowered each day to create the absolute best products possible. We are treated fairly, with respect, and equal opportunity. We come to work inspired every day, because we love what we do.

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